Teaching Policies

Ms. Curtis offers voice lessons and beginning piano lessons.

Students are given a regularly scheduled time slot each week.  Weekly
lessons are offered in 30 or 45 minute sessions depending on a student's age
or skill level.  

24-hour notice is required for cancellations.  You may contact Ms. Curtis at
nancy@nancycurtis.com.  Make-up lessons are subject to availability and will
be scheduled at the instructor's discretion.

If the instructor has to cancel your lesson, you will not be charged for the
lesson, and every effort will be made to make up your lesson.

Payment for lessons is expected at the beginning of the month.  

Piano students are expected to purchase the required music books.  The cost
of these books is approximately $20.00  per level.

Weekly practice is  very important for growth and advancement.  Parents are
encouraged to be supportive and active participants in your child's  practice
at home.

All students will have the opportunity to perform in a recital at the end of
the school year.  

It is highly recommended that voice students record their lessons on a digital
recorder or their cell phone's recording app.
Nancy Curtis has over 20 years of teaching experience and is dedicated to
bringing the highest quality of music instruction to each student in a caring
and nurturing environment.   Studies have shown that the study of music  
increases brain development in the areas of language and spatial
intelligence, improves self-esteem, increases creativity, and  improves
scores on standardized tests.  Ms. Curtis has taught music in public schools,
private schools, and on the college level.  Whether you are a beginner or
are pursuing a career in music, Ms. Curtis is committed to helping you be
the best that you can be.
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